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Your family hope chest: experience quality for generations.

A hope cedar chest: uniquely yours by size and design. A treasured heirloom; each custom cedar trunk is hand-crafted in your choice of solid wood, selected by artisans so committed to your satisfaction that we offer a lifetime guarantee. Enjoy the storage trunk of your choice now and be remembered by your heirs as someone who knew the value of fine quality. Order a custom cedar chest today and one day it may become the family antique cedar chest. Order online or give us a call toll free.

Build a cedar hope chest kit: take extra pride in a traditional heirloom.

Build a hope cedar chest  with your own hands, and a little help from us!  Choose a hope chest kit in the classic or shaker style for a lasting storage trunk for yourself or as a special gift.  Each cedar chest kit is created from solid wood of your choice: oak, cherry or aromatic cedar.

Name Plates

Engraved name plates to personalize your cedar chest or favorite project. Add that special touch that makes your hope chest truly personalized with a brass engraved name plate. Oval or rectangular plates can also be used as office name plates, such as on the desk or bulletin board, or door name plates. Attach name plates to artwork or custom furniture you made yourself.

$16.00 - $35.00
Quilt Stand Kits

Quilt stands let you disply your quilts and quilted pillows
Treasure timeless memories of your favorite quilts.  These stands come with your choice of wood: Oak, Cherry, Maple


Wood duck house. Enjoy being part of the restoration of beautiful "woodies" with our time tested wood duck house.

Satisfied customer comments:

"Thank you! I put two of the nest boxes up Thursday evening and by Friday morning they are occupied!!! Today I put up the other two and I'm hoping that by tomorrow morning during coffee and danish I'll see the other two become occupied! I'm going to send you pictures of the whole thing soon."
Michael in Orlando
$49 Quantity discounts available
SOLD OUT        Order now to see wood ducks in your duck house
Custom furniture designed and hand-crafted to meet your needs and taste.

This unique chest of drawers/cedar trunk combination was custom designed using red elm, a tough durable wood that can take the use of the adopted Russian boys it was made for. For your own hope chest, you have your choice of other more traditional woods like oak, cherry, walnut, maple, or birch. We also have imported wood from Africa, Brazil and Australia, such as mahogany, jatoba, purple heart or lacewood. Aromatic cedar lining can be added to any of these to make your storage trunk a real cedar chest that can one day become the family antique cedar chest. For more information about custom furniture possibilities, click on the link above this special chest of drawers to see our line of custom cedar chest furniture, made here at Cedaridge Farm.


Over the years, our work has evolved from natural cedar birdhouses to quality custom furniture in a variety of woods.  Enjoy our gallery, then contact us to see what we can craft for you.