About Us

What do Boy Scouts of America have in common with five sisters from Michigan's Upper Peninsula?

What started as a Boy Scout birdhouse project in 1985 has, over the years, shaped our company to who we are today.
That first birdhouse project grew to wholesale accounts with FleetFarm stores throughout the midwest, and individual buyers at state craft fairs, or the local gift shops. Our five girls worked in the family business, making the houses fly out the door on their way to the UPS truck, the craft fair bound loaded truck and trailer, or various delivery loops to FleetFarm stores, visiting our family whenever time afforded it. As they should, our crew grew up and started leaving home.
At this time, our woodworking began taking a more craftsman approach with our first cedar hope chests. The internet started providing a way to reach more families, and our product line made its way from wholesale bird houses and feeders to retail cedar hope chests, moving into more custom wood furniture, to providing finished chests and woodworking kits that make you look good, with quality the Amish would be proud of.
Though our crew is now just two, we continue to serve. From the birdhouses of yesteryear to today's quality woodworking kits, we fulfill dreams of quality wood furniture and other wood products for your family's home, business, or vacation spot.
~ Dale and Kathy Andersen of the Fine Woodworkers Studio of Daggett.