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  • Jean Lee | Fayetteville North Carolina

    Hi Kathy, We got our Sara Lee chest and LOVE IT!!!! It is awesome! It is beautiful, functional, durable, high quality and obviously has a lot of attention to detail. It has exceeded our expectations! Thanks, too, for the tips on caring for it. We really want it to outlast us as well as our grand kids so will be happy to take the small amount of effort to occasionally oil it. The chest is really perfect and we would not change a thing on it even if we could. It was really great being able to have it custom designed exactly to our desires. Just as I expected, the children have taken to jumping on top of and off of it and it is solid as a rock. In fact I have not seen this kind of quality workmanship even at much higher prices. We want you and Dale to know how much we appreciate it! Please feel free to use my comments on your web site or elsewhere if you would like. Please tell Dale that he can get started on the two end tables which we are eagerly waiting for! He can follow the same design he used for the chest and we will not be disappointed! Have a great day!

  • Byron Briggs | fayetteville north carolina

    This is the best!


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